Climbing the apple tree

Let’s do this.

My fondest childhood memories were made scaling the branches of the apple tree that sat at the bottom of our garden. My childhood is something I think back on often since giving birth to my son. It was simple, happy, muddy footed and sticky fingered. (and obviously, trendy!)

Born in the 80's

It has inspired me to want and create a similar upbringing for my child, full of barefoot adventures, potion making, mud bathing, snail sorting (don’t ask) and tree climbing!

As this little human of mine has pretty much taken over my life, (meaning that I will inevitably end up writing about the delights of motherhood), I found this particular memory of mine, rather fitting for my blog title.

This blog has no niche (sorry blog guides and gurus!) Instead, I will post whatever I like, whenever the moment strikes. By doing so, I’m hoping this blog will inspire me to dust off and pick up the camera once again, to venture out beyond these four walls, and most importantly, create wonderful childhood memories for my son to look back on.

So, you can probably expect my posts to be anything from “563 reasons North Devon is the best place to live” to “Why doesn’t my French Bulldog listen to me?” and “How to distract your child from putting soggy toast in daddy’s work shoes”.

Here goes nothing!


90's child


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