15 things you’ll only discover when you become a mum

How time flies…

As we get ready to celebrate our baby’s 1st Birthday tomorrow, I’ve found myself reminiscing at the past year and smiling at how much my son has changed my life. You don’t truly know what it is to be a mum until you become one yourself, and there is nothing more wonderful.

Here’s a little list of my discoveries and some of the things I have learned since becoming a mum – maybe you can relate!

1. You finally believe in ‘love at first sight’

Yep, that old saying… After holding your baby in your arms for the very first time, you finally believe in it. You’ve never felt a love quite like it in fact, and the best thing is, that love you feel for them never goes away.

Love at first sight. Becoming a mum

2. You respect your body

FINALLY! You GREW a baby! It makes you accept that the last 15 pregnancy pounds you can’t seem to shift are absolutely worth it.

3. You learn the healing power of a hug

and you can never have or give too many of them. Everything can be made better with a cuddle.

4. You find out the real reason you have those breasts

Just another incredible thing the female body is capable of. Breastfeeding has so many benefits to both you and your baby, and the longer you do it, the more you both benefit! But why did nobody tell you about the engorgement, the chapped nipples and the sudden jets of milk that shoot so impressively, but so embarrassingly far?!

5. You find yourself wanting to make this world a better place

and you begin to really appreciate the smaller things in life. You enjoy the walk to the shops, pointing out the birds, flowers and buses. You make conversation with complete strangers, normally about your baby – they’re such great conversation starters.

6. You can have the most wonderful conversations only using vowel sounds “oo” “aa”

Seeing the delight on their little faces when you copy their sounds is enough to melt hearts. Who needs adult conversation?!

7. Whoever told you babies sleep through were lying

Babies aren’t designed to sleep through and bedtimes are much more relaxed since learning that. You’ve stopped stressing over routines and you’ve found a way that works best for you and your baby. Who cares if your baby still falls asleep on the boob or if you co-sleep? You’re both getting some sleep at the end of the day and that’s all that matters.

8. You CAN survive on less than 8 hours of sleep a night

You have no choice, the days of lie-ins are a distant memory. It’s 2am and your darling child wants to get up and play. You can’t just take time off from being a mum. It brings a whole new meaning to “full-time job”.

9. Bodily functions are no longer repulsive

In the early day’s you actually found them fascinating – A POO! WOW!

10.  You have new-found love and a respect for your own parents

and you find yourself becoming more like your mum everyday. Your bond with your parents has now become closer than ever (even if you don’t always agree with their parenting advice!)

Piggy Land Woolacombe

11. You CAN cook!

And you actually want to! When your baby is ready to eat proper food, you want to make sure that what they’re eating is the best they can get – Even if the majority does land on the floor. Even you and your partner are now eating so much healthier for it!

12. You never knew how much you had to say about one tooth

Probably because they can take so damn long to come through! (We still have absolutely ZERO teeth!)

13. You now know where the sun appears from

and discover that 4am is the perfect time to get through that ironing pile. If you weren’t a morning person… You are now. No need to set alarms now that you have your own little human sized alarm clock jumping on your head at 6am each morning.

14. You learn that taking a shower is a luxury

and you can’t remember when you last went to the hairdressers. The “Mum-Bun” is your go-to hair style and after years of not knowing your natural hair colour, your roots are so bad that they no longer leave you guessing.

15. You discover how much love your heart can hold

And it’s more than you could ever imagine possible.


What have you discovered since becoming a mum?


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