6 months on… Let’s get back to blogging!

What have we been upto?

Last September (some 9 months ago) I decided to return to work with the intention of starting and completing my level 3 in Early Years. It was simple really. With my mum owning a very well established childcare business, there is always a job for me and this time, I got to take Travis with me! With this qualification, I hoped to start my own childminding business…

This didn’t happen for 3 reasons…

  1. I didn’t even start the course.
  2. I decided, since having my own child, that I don’t really like caring for other people’s children that much.
  3. I fell pregnant!

Working part-time quite literally took up all my time. (A shock to the system when I was previously a SAHM!) In the three days I worked, Mon – Wed, the dishes, dirty clothes, dust and dog hairs would pile substantially. Thursday’s are my OH’s days off, sometimes his only days off, so we make the most of them and tend to spend the day out and about. By Friday, I’d be swamped down with house work, all whilst trying to distract Toddlepants from rearranging my kitchen cupboards and feeding fridge magnets to the dog. Saturday would basically be a repeat of Friday. Sunday was a day of rest (and another day off for OH if he’s lucky) before the chaos began all over again.

But now I’m on maternity leave…

And absolutely loving life! I’m 27 weeks pregnant and Travis is going to have a little sister! We’re expecting her around the beginning of September. More or less… (You soon learn after your first born that due dates are complete codswallop plucked out of your sonographers butt).


I’ve taken early maternity, which I’m not officially on yet as I’m currently taking ‘Holiday’.

With no intentions of returning to work, it seemed silly not to take it early and it means that I get to make the most of summer at home with Koala Bear. And what a summer it’s turning out to be!

(Can you tell where he got the nickname ‘Koala Bear’ from?)


Finding my inner peace.

I’ve been off for around 2-3 weeks now. I’m starting to feel more at peace with myself. This in turn means I’m finding more patience for dealing with everything and those around me. I’m getting back on top of the house work and I’ve even made a start on the garden!

Our poor garden has been neglected ever since we moved in a little over 2 years ago. We were supposed to replace a (very) broken fence and somehow it always ended up last on our list of priorities, slowly getting taken over by ivy, made the job even more unappealing. The next door neighbours popped up a new fence on their side of our old one a couple months back because they were putting their house up for sale. Lucky for us, by removing our old ivy covered fence, we’re going to gain a foot of garden all the way down! One fence panel and a whole bunch of ivy down, however many there might be hidden to go.

IMG_2609 - Edited.jpg

Koala Bear turns 2 on Monday 13th June. *Sob*

For his birthday, we’re taking him to spend the day at Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park. (Kill me now). Jokes, I’m sure seeing his little head explode with pure excitement will be worth it.

Paultons is a good 3-4 hours away so we’re travelling up on the Sunday afternoon and staying in a Travelodge. We’ll enter the Peppa Pig madness first thing on the Monday and travel back home late afternoon.

We will also be giving Koala Bear his very own bedroom! Because we’ve co-slept the last two years, he’s never really needed his own room. Now, with him becoming more and more independent everyday and our breastfeeding journey recently ending, we feel that it is the right time to give him his own space. Our house will be undergoing some massive renovations in the coming weeks. We’re going to be knocking down some walls, putting some up, replacing and moving the kitchen, replacing the bathroom and turning our 2 bedroom into a 3 bedroom!

I’m very excited about decorating his room. He’s absolutely OBSESSED with owls so we’re going for a woodland theme. It’s going to be wonderful 😀

With lots of excitement coming our way this year you can expect the blog posts to come much more frequently.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your summer! x


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