My son’s birth story (Hypnobirthing homework)

It’s all about positive thinking.

As part of my Hypnobirthing course, my instructor has asked me to write my son’s birth story, with a twist!

Briefly, the main focus of Hypnobirthing is to see childbirth as a positive event and dissociate the idea of fear and pain. With this in mind, I was asked to put aside all the negative memories I have of my son’s birth and only write about the positive ones.

You can read my previous post on ‘Why I chose Hypnobirthing‘ to find out what it’s all about.

I had never planned on writing (let alone sharing) Travis’ birth story but writing about it in such a positive way has really encouraged me to look back on it with fondness and happiness.

I decided to write it directly to my son. In the same way that I will tell him about his birth in the future, all positive. No negative.

Travis’ Positive Birth Story.

You were born on a full moon on Friday 13th June 2014. (My little monster). It was a very hot summer and you took your time to arrive, you were clearly comfortable in there despite the heat. During the nights that I laboured, we were kept distracted by the thunderstorms and during the days, your Daddy would bring me ice lollies to keep me cool. (These made a quite hilarious reappearance all over the birthing ball after I’d become light-headed from the gas & air).

Your Daddy was fantastic, rubbing my back until his hands ached and helping me through my contractions all whilst surviving on very little sleep.

Your Granny was also at your birth. (I believe this is why you have always had such a strong bond with her.) She was brilliant, she sat back and let us do our thing. She said she was so proud of your Daddy for the way that he supported me. 

During our time at the hospital, I think we’d met every midwife that worked there and they were all eager to meet you after you’d arrived. The midwife that helped deliver you was a long-time family friend. It was so lovely having her there and made your birth quite special.

You had so much hair! So much so, that the midwife was making a mohican whilst you were busy entering the world. You arrived and were placed straight onto my chest and I couldn’t believe that you were finally here, it felt like you were never going to come. You were so perfect. The first thing I said to you was that you looked like a “Travis” (I was so worried that you wouldn’t suit your chosen name) and that you had your daddy’s nose. (I was so relieved to see you hadn’t inherited my honker!) Everyone was so incredibly happy that you were finally here, we’d been waiting to meet you for a very long time x



As part of my homework, I was also asked to write out how I imagined my perfect birth would go. I decided to write this in the same way as my sons’ birth story.

My perfect birth story (second time around).

You arrived in your own time (no interventions), in our family home, in the birthing pool. Daddy was there and your big brother was tucked up in bed, asleep upstairs.

Whilst I laboured, we took Bernie for short walks along the trail behind our home and played out in the back garden with your big brother.

As labour progressed and the time became right, I got into the birthing pool. Surrounding it were candles, fairy lights, affirmations and photos of your big brother’s birth.

It was so calm. I had complete faith in my body’s ability and in you. Daddy would rub my back during the surges and in between them, we’d talk a little about how excited we were to meet you. There was a midwife there but she sat in the background quietly taking her notes and let us do what we had to do.

With each surge, I knew we were closer to meeting you. I welcomed each one.

My body birthed you almost effortlessly. I reached down into the water and lifted you to my chest. Everything was still so calm, you were so calm, you didn’t even cry. We sat there and cuddled in the water and I just watched you, amazed that we’d done it.


I guess, the idea behind writing my “perfect” birth story, is to encourage me to look forward to the labour and birth of my baby. Whilst I may not get my absolute “perfect” birth*, I’ll know that no matter what happens, I’ll have the tools to help me cope with whatever may come my way on the day.

*I totally got my perfect birth! You can read about it here.


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