34 weeks pregnant

Don’t panic!

I’m just 3 weeks away from what’s considered full term and I’m trying not to panic! We still have so much to do and there’s so much to get ready!

34 weeks

If my first was “overdue”, does that mean my second will be too? I do hope so!


Living with the in-laws.

Right now, we’re living with the in-laws. I refer to them as that, the same way they refer to me as their daughter in-law but there’s no ring on my finger. Other half and I are practically like a married couple, just without the binding contract. We’ve been together for over 6 years, our conversations devolve into bickering over finances, I tickle his feet in the morning because I know he hates it, and he gets his revenge by getting into bed with his socks on, taking them off at some point in the night and pushing them over to my side. He is my favourite pain in the ass and I, his.

We’ve now been here two weeks. They’re putting us up (and putting up with us) whilst work is being done on our house… LOTS of work!

This is it’s current state; old floors gone, old kitchen gone, old baxi boiler fireplace gone, old radiators gone, 3rd bedroom underway, new central heating system throughout, new radiators installed.

Still to do; electrics, demolition of several walls, filling of old doorways, completion of wall between bedroom no.2 and new bedroom no.3, installation of new kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and flooring, general redecoration.

And, It has to be done within the next three weeks so that I have time to nest and create my birthing space. Oh lord.


How’s pregnancy treating me?

Pretty good! The heartburn makes a mild appearance every now and then, I still haven’t had any sickness at all this pregnancy and I haven’t swollen a bit! It has been the complete opposite to my son’s pregnancy.

I had a growth scan this morning as my bump growth has apparently slowed down (can’t say that’s a bad thing!) but littl’un is measuring perfectly, estimated at 5lb 11oz, head down and still a girl!

Other news…

We completed our Hypnobirthing course last week with the wonderful Helen from The Wise Hippo and now I’m feeling more prepared and more excited than ever for our home birth.

Toddlepants has adjusted to staying at Nana & Grampy’s incredibly well. With all the changes going on in his life and the biggest changes yet to come, he’s really surprising me with how quickly he’s adapting.




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