37 Weeks Pregnant

Woah! This pregnancy needs to slow down!

Quick, what’s my mantra?… “My baby will be ready when my house is ready”. 

Yup, we’re still not back in our house. We’ve been here over 5 weeks now and I’m praying this baby doesn’t decide to make an early appearance.

With everything ready for our home birth, there’s no way we’d be going into hospital anyway. Not after paying £90 for the birthing pool and spending hours getting everything together for the birth boxes. (I’m going to do a post on my “Home Birth Box must-haves” soon).

We did a dry run with the birthing pool a couple of days ago and it got me SO excited! (This is the Mini by the way, which is very spacious!)

birth pool mini

Birthing in my in-laws house wouldn’t be the worst thing but obviously I’d rather be labouring and birthing in the comfort of my own home. (Staying at their house with a newborn would be the worst thing).


How’s our house doing?

Here is it’s current state:

Hopefully once the kitchen is in, the flooring is down and the sodding electrician pulls his finger out of his arse, we can move back in and the rest of the work can be done around us.

“My baby will be ready when my house is ready”.


How’s pregnancy treating me?

Pretty well. Mild heartburn here and there. Still no swelling! (Honestly, you should have seen my feet in my first pregnancy! Massive elephant feet). The Braxton Hicks have really upped their game leaving me permanently exhausted. I’m actually grateful that Travis is teething as it means he’s gone back to having mammoth naps again in the afternoon – which I’ve been taking full advantage of, joining him everyday for a few hours.

Toddlepants has officially had enough of being here, we all have. Hoping to be back in our house by the end of next week. *Fingers crossed*.

“My baby will be ready when my house is ready”.



  1. Mrs. Mother Dirt
    August 22, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    Looking good in the birth pool mama!

    • August 22, 2016 / 9:03 pm

      Thank you! I was very comfy sat in there like that. I didn’t want to get out! Very excited to labour and birth in it.

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