I’m “overdue”. {Pregnancy update}


I’m about to enter my 41st week of pregnancy and I’ve never been so relaxed.

Maybe it’s the distraction and being kept on my toes by my 2 year old… Maybe it’s the hypnobirthing keeping me “calm and relaxed”… Maybe it’s because we’ve only been back in our house for a week… Maybe it’s because I know that “due dates” are a crock of shit… Maybe it’s because my midwife is wonderful and has really taken the pressure off by saying that I can still have my home birth up to 43 weeks…

I think it’s a combination of all the above.

40+6. Excuse the muddy bump, we’d just gotten back from our muddy walk.

I started to put this post together a week ago when we’d just moved back into our house but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had chance to finish it until now.

… After 8 very very long weeks of living with the in-laws… We’re back. *Big sigh of relief*. We moved back in at 11:40pm last Sunday (20 minutes before my “due date”). I’m so very grateful to our unborn daughter for hanging on in there. She’s even given us a good week to sort the place out and turn our house into a home.

I feel fat.

For the first time in this pregnancy, I’m actually feeling “heavily pregnant”… No wait, that’s an understatement… I’m feeling like a fricken Hippo and I’ve been exhausted! I’ve been so busy around the house, putting it all straight again, that for the first time in this pregnancy, I’ve suffered from fat feet! 🙁 Rolling over in bed has now become a mammoth task, my stretch marks itch and the fanny daggers have me swearing like a motherf*cker.

Overall though, this pregnancy has been easy… I can only hope that our daughter is just as easy-going.

So, until needs really must, I’m happy for my little girl to cook a bit longer whilst I truly enjoy what could be my last hours/days/weeks of pregnancy.

(The day after I published this post, I went into labour: “Welcome earthside sweet little D. {A home birth story}


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