Being the Mother of a two year old and a newborn.

Adjusting to two…

People will tell you that baby no.2 will be so much easier than baby no.1… but what they fail to mention, is that you will still have baby no.1 to look after, only now they are a grotbag toddler.

If I thought ‘Being the Mother of a (just) two year old‘ was challenging, nothing could have prepared me for being the Mother of a two year old and a newborn.

The littlest small, she’s easy. She sleeps well, eats well and poops best of all. It’s the biggest small that’s been a bit of a handful… But in the cutest way.



The first meet.

The first meet was very successful… Maybe a bit too successful. (Travis stayed at his Granny’s the night following the birth and met Delilah the next morning). He immediately grabbed at her and tried to pull her in for a cuddle. We talked about being gentle and then popped her onto his lap – his little face lit up. He stopped poking at his little sister for a bit to open his gifts from her – his very own sling and baby. (If you can’t tell, Travis has a massive owl obsession).

As the days go by…

Since the first meet, if Delilah was within reach, Travis had to have physical contact with her in some way, shape or form.


He absolutely adores his “Distah” (sister) and wants to cuddle her constantly… To the point that he would become frustrated and hit me if I need to hold her to feed her, wind her etc. We tackled this unwanted behaviour by getting him to help us as much as possible.


The mummy guilt.

Oh man, the mummy guilt 🙁

My poor grotbag of a toddler. It’s certainly been a testing couple of weeks for all of us. We’ve had a lot of whinging and shouting from both sides, followed by lots of cuddles and apologies.


Travis has come back to sleeping in my bed with me and Delilah. Daddy is sleeping in Travis’ room – getting lots of beautiful undisturbed sleep.

I absolutely love having my babies either side of me in bed though. (Plus the dog on my feet). We’re all getting lots of sleep too.



My last baby.

Delilah is 8 weeks old now… The beautiful moments far outweigh the difficult. We’ve created so many wonderful lasting memories in such a short space of time and we’re enjoying (almost) every moment as a family of four.



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