A little look back at my 2016

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Just wow.

What an incredible year! It felt like it flew by and yet we managed to cram so much in!

I spent the majority of the year enjoying an easy pregnancy, preparing myself mentally for and looking forward to our daughter’s birth.

We purchased two new cars.

Our French Bulldog Bernie, went for two lots of airway surgery and can now fully enjoy his little life to the fullest.

We celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday with our first family trip.

We went to live with the in-laws for 8 of the longest weeks of my life whilst renovations were being done on our entire house. We eventually moved back in on my due date and spent the following week getting everything ready for my home birth.

Delilah arrived and completed our little family… Then they both got chicken pox.

We started a new business venture which has taken off better than we ever could have imagined!

And finally, nearly 7 years after meeting my best friend and the father of my children, Ryan got down on one knee and proposed to me on Christmas Day. I have to tell you about this ring… It’s a meteorite rock with diamonds sat either side. He sourced, cut and fit the rock all by himself. The meteorite was found in South Africa (where my mum was born), early 2010 – the same time we found each other. I’m so impressed! It holds so much meaning and is absolutely beautiful.

And of course, I said YES!

Here’s to an amazing 2017 🙂


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