How to survive as a WAHM

 It means Work-At-Home-Mum

Delilah was just 5 weeks old when my partner and I decided to open our own Franchise. She’s now 19 weeks old and I’m proud to say,  I won’t be going back to my day job once my maternity ends.

Business is doing well, really well and what’s more, we’re both really enjoying it, (understatement… We’re LOVING it!)

I run things during the day whilst my OH is at his day job and then we both come together in the evenings when things are at their busiest.

It’s one thing running your own business… It’s another running your own business from your own home… a home containing a toddler and a baby. It’s been a big learning curve and we’ve had to adapt and learn quickly.

survive as a work-at-home-mum


My tips on surviving…

But first, coffee
Start your day right – Get you and your kids fed and get that kettle on. Have a 30 second shower whilst the eldest tries to break into the bathroom. Get everyone dressed.

tea and pancakes

Keep on top of the house chores
Whenever you have a spare 5-10 minutes, pick 1 job to do; put away those clean dishes, whizz the hoover around, fold the laundry, feed the dog, remove the naked baby from the window ledge etc. etc.
Make a conscious effort to clean up after yourself as you go.

Leave the house at least once a day
It helps to keep you all sane and ensures the dog gets a walk – trips to do the banking totally count.


Take some time out for yourself
Lock yourself in the cupboard with some chocolate, read a book (or if you’re me, play Skyrim) during nap-time.

Take advantage of family members
Send them off to spend the day with ‘Nana and Pappy’ – catch up on more house chores! Or take a nap!

Babywear, babywear, babywear
Need I say more?

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 13.34.30.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-23 at 13.33.45.pngscreen-shot-2017-01-23-at-13-32-49.png

Tesco deliveries
Or if you haven’t left the house today, book a ‘Click and Collect’! Save yourself the time and unnecessary stress of battling around the shop with the kids.

Consider nursery
It’s a little different for us as my mum owns a nursery which means my son has his ‘Granny’ there. But hearing that he’s been building train tracks with the other children makes me feel less guilty about him begin there and gives me time to actually get the hoover around the house without him purposely falling over it every 10 seconds.

Get a French Bulldog to babysit
(not sure who’s playmat this is anymore).


and when all else fails: resort to the flat-screened-babysitter and stick on Thomas the Ruddy Tank Engine


Care to share your survival tips? I’d love to hear them x


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