Surviving the weird bit in between Christmas and New Year

‘The Post-Christmas Slump’, it’s real.

What day is it? When are my bins being collected? Why is it all so chaotic? Where do I put all these new toys? Who ate all the mince pies?

This is such a weird week and I’m really struggling if I’m honest. (I’ve definitely not cried…). I have no idea what date it is and I’m not entirely sure when the kids go back to nursery.

I don’t know where to even start with tidying the house, let alone find homes for all the new toys! Everything is chaotic and it is stressing me the f*ck out!

I heard someone refer to this weird in-the-middle bit as the ‘Christmas/New Year Perineum’. HA!

My poor house. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with the cleaning and tidying. My 1 year old daughter, Delilah is the worst. She loves to empty… EVERYTHING… All at once… All of the time. I’ll be putting the bowls and plates back in the cupboard that she’s just emptied to then turn around and see every single ‘That’s Not My’ book scattered across the floor – that I’d put away 2 minutes prior. And repeat.

We stupidly bought our son that stupid Thomas & Friends Super Station… Have you seen the size of the stupid thing?! We’re now house hunting for a bigger place because of the stupid Super (sized) stupid Station. Stupid.

Said ‘stupid thing’ has been taking up centre stage in our living room for the last 4 days until today when I finally persuaded my son that it should live in his bedroom (forever).

Note to self: I really must get the kids to stay and play with their things in their bedrooms more. My living room looks like a daycare (or what a daycare must look like at the end of the day) most days.

Whilst we’re waiting to regain some sort of order back in to our daily lives, here are my tips for surviving this weird bit in between Christmas and New Year:

  • If you have a ridiculously big tree in a rather small house like myself, get it down. Sod the twelve days of Christmas. I normally take mine down the day after Boxing Day. The rest of the Christmas decor will come down over the following days (basically, when I get to it). I hate being stuck in Christmas limbo.
  • Get the kids out of the house every day – this I have not done and I have paid greatly for it.
  • Invest in Kallax! This IKEA shelving is a must in every family home. Great for hiding toys away. We have a 4×4 in our living room and a 2×4 in Travis’ room.
  • Scoff the food. Get it gone. Especially if you plan on dieting come January (like I’ll be doing in preparation for my wedding). Enjoy it now whilst you’re not feeling so guilty about it.
  • No bin collections for the next week or two? Do a tip run or pay someone to come and collect your rubbish and recycling. Don’t sit there complaining about it.
  • Laugh. Download a funny movie or book and spend a few hours releasing endorphins and raising your spirits.
  • Be selfless. Did you receive new clothes for Christmas? Donate your old clothes. Put the focus on others and distract yourself from fixating on your post-christmas mood.
  • Watch all the Christmas movies while it’s still acceptable.

It’ll be January before we know it.


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