This month I’m… {January 2018}

Carrying on from last month’s; ‘This Month I’m…‘, this month also contains a few of those cliché January New Year Resolutions. Apologies.


This month, I am:

… Being more of a ‘Yes Man’. I’m terrible (or great, depending on how you look at it) at making excuses to get out of doing things, being places and seeing people. Time to live life and just be a bit more fun in general.

… Making an effort to get out and socialise. This could tie in with the one above but this is also about my children. Too often we’re reaching the end of the day and I’ve realised that we haven’t stepped outside or even see another human being that day.

… Walking the dog. Bernie hasn’t been walked in nearly a month. Poor little bugger got forgotten about over the Christmas period.

… Joining ‘Body Pump’ class. I’m pretty sure this will kill me but my friend that I’ll be going with assures me that I’ll live.

… Starting my diet. As soon as I rid the house of all the junk food. And by “rid”, I mean eat.

… Putting Delilah in her own room. As I post this we’re on night two and so far, so good. She’s coslept in our bed with us since the day she was born. The first night, she went from 8pm-2am before coming in with us. Not bad at all! Long may it continue (and improve).

… Finishing the decorating. I’ve got the second half of the kitchen to paint and the living room (and the odd skirting board). I’m loving the colours and styles we’ve gone for, I’m sure photos will follow soon.

… Taking full advantage of our new dishwasher. Okay, it’s still not installed as we’re missing a few key pipes/connections but I’m assured it’s only a matter of days from being ready to use.

… Booking April’s holiday to Slovenia to visit our wedding planner and venues and put down the deposit on our wedding for April 2019. We’re getting married on Lake Bled! We’ll have the ceremony in the Church on Bled Island and the Reception will be at Bled Castle which overlooks the lake (you can see it toward the back of the photo up on the cliff edge).

Lake Bled

What are you doing this January?


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