This Month I’m… {February 2018}

It’s February! Which can only mean one thing… I turn 29 this month!

Christ! I certainly don’t feel 29. In my head, I’m still in my mid-twenties, not late!

Anyway, following on from last month’s ‘This Month I’m… {January 2018}‘,

This month I’m…

… Looking for signs of Spring. You can go now Winter, we’ve all had enough of you. Shop-bought Daffodils are taking over my home and I love it.

… Celebrating my 29th Birthday. The last year of my 20’s! It’s terrifying to think I’m going to be 30 next year. Whenever I worry about growing older I remember this quote:

… Continuing with my diet and exercise. Whatever I’m doing, it’s working. I’ve lost 5.8lb since I started dieting and exercising just 10 days ago. I’ve already written about ‘My Weight Loss Mission‘ and the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle.

… Ditching the bouncer – the very well loved Woodland Friends bouncer than both Travis and Delilah have gotten such good use out of since their births. Up until the last week, it was the only place Delilah would nod off happily for both her daytime naps and nighttime sleeps. This week, she happily toddles to the cot in her bedroom and lifts her arms for me to pop her in her cot. No more risky transfers from bouncer to cot.

… Done with breastfeeding. Delilah self-weaned at the beginning of the week. She’s become more reliant on her dummy and is now happy with just cuddles when she wakes in the night. THANK GOD. I’d been having on/off breastfeeding aversion for the last 2-3 months. I never had it with my son and felt awful that it got to the point that I dreaded breastfeeding my daughter. It got so bad that one night, instead of breastfeeding her back to sleep, I bundled her into the car at 4am and drove around aimlessly for over an hour. Just to avoid breastfeeding her – poor love. Travis self-weaned at 19 months old. I’m grateful that Delilah has decided to end our breastfeeding journey at a slightly younger age of 16 months.

… Getting a new puppy! Angus will be joining our family on the 3rd February and I’m so excited to see what Bernie thinks of him. He’s my birthday present but really, he’s a new best friend for Bernie.

… Puppy proofing our home. Because from what I’ve seen of Angus, he’s a chewer with a particular taste for expensive shoes.

… Enjoying Valentines with the one I love. We have never gone overboard with Valentines. Just an exchange of well-written cards from the heart and perhaps a nice meal or takeaway (if we can’t escape the kids).


What are you doing with your February?


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