Meet Angus – The newest addition to our family

Yes, we’re nuts. Because of course, we went and added an 8 week old puppy to our (already crazy) little family.

Not just any old breed of puppy… A French Bulldog puppy… With a taste for expensive shoes, sofa cushions and apparently, his own poop.


When you look this cute, you’ll always win hearts.

Angus was my birthday present from Ryan. But really, he was a best friend for Bernie.

Bernie is now 5 years old and is desperate for a furry friend to share his love of sleepy cuddles and tug’o’war… And just generally, to love him back.

Other breeds don’t seem to get Bernie; with his scrunched up expression, snorting noises and lack of a happy-wagging tail, he comes off to other breeds as aggressive – and Bernie is anything but aggressive.

Angus and Bernie’s first introduction went amazingly well.

They were playing with each other within minutes of meeting.

Followed by a quick power nap, followed by more play, and repeat. (Frenchies sleep a lot).

He is the most hilarious sleeper.

He’s a clever little sausage too. If he can’t find his bed (usually because it’s drying on the line after being washed because he pee’d in it), he’ll tug out one of my many blankets or throws onto the floor and make himself a little bed.

He gets on well with the kids, sort of.

Delilah adores him and tries to cuddle and kiss him constantly. Travis likes the idea of him but is not sure how to play with him yet and will usually just run away screaming. In the photo, Travis was engrossed in his iPad, completely oblivious to Angus creeping closer and closer for a sly cuddle.

Day 3, and Bernie is so over this new puppy thing. Haha.

Just look at that face.

It’s been a week now since Angus joined the family and I think getting him was the best decision we’ve ever made for Bernie. Angus absolutely loves Bernie and it seems Bernie is enjoying his company too.




  1. February 14, 2018 / 3:44 pm

    Super cute! I love all dog breeds but Frenchies are one of my favourites! I just love how cute they are when they’re all excited!

    I have a Jack Russell back in the UK, and I’d love to bring him over to Japan to live with me but hes just too old to move across continents :’) (were also not allowed pets in the apartment that we live in here which makes me really sad!)

    It’s really great that you’ve got a little friend for Bernie! I hope they always remain the best of friends from now on 😀

  2. March 3, 2018 / 8:49 pm

    Oh they are just adorable together! Just gorgeous. I keep telling Si that we should get a pooch to keep me company during the day and force me out for walks more … well mostly for me to cuddle ha, but he’s not keen so far.

    Stevie x

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