Beauty Box Subscription Reviews – May

This month’s boxes have been pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie.

I’ve had long enough since receiving my subscription boxes to give everything in them a good testing so now I’m here to let you know what I thought!

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Unboxing Glossybox, LookFantastic Beauty Box and Birchbox this May

It’s May and these boxes couldn’t be clashing against each other any more. Birchbox has produced my personal favourite design this month.

So, how do I rate the products I received and is there a box that stands out above the rest for me?

Look inside the LookFantastic Beauty Box for May



This month’s theme:

“Beauty Bazaar”

What’s in the box?

  • Avant RNA Serum
    Quite a tiny sample which only gave me around a week’s worth. However, I do like Avant and this is a really nice serum.
  • Thisworks In Transit Camera Closeup
    I’ve received this in one of my boxes before and it’s a nice product. I find my makeup sits nicely on top of this. Not overly keen on the smell.
  • Skinrepublic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Sheet Mask
    This is a pretty awesome mask. I’ve not tried a mask quite like this before. My skin felt lovely afterwards – even if it did scare the shit out of the kids whilst being worn.
  • Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit Medium
    This is waaayy too many a shade dark for my ghostly complexion. It also didn’t blend brilliantly and the highlighter did absolutely nothing.
  • Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner
    Yay for liquid eyeliners! Especially when I’ve just about run out of my other!
  • Spotlight Teeth Wightening Strips
    I LOVE these! Having never used teeth whitening strips before, I was pleasantly surprised by these and will definitely be buying more. They’re so easy to use and the difference in my teeth is amazing.
  • Elle Magazine Subscription
    Tbh, I’ve not read or even begun to flick through this yet.

Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips


Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit



Unbox Birchbox May Beauty Subscription Box

BIRCHBOX (£10 + £2.95 P&P per month)

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This month’s theme:

“Palm Leaves and Warm Breeze”

What’s in the box?

  • Doucce Luscious Lip Stain in Steaming Red
    This colour is so beautiful! It’s not the best at staying put though. As soon as I eat or drink, it starts to fade so I found myself reapplying often.
  • Greenfrog Botanic Geranium & Peppermint Botanical Bodywash
    I love the smell of this. However, something in this doesn’t sit well with my skin and gives off a bad smell throughout the day.
  • Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm
    I’ve been wanting to try a natural deodorant for ages now. This smells nice and goes on easily but I can’t say I’ll be ditching my Sanex antiperspirant any time soon.
  • Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil
    I’m not massive on oils, especially not on my face. This does work well for removing makeup, however I’m pretty sure it’s not coming back out of the drawer.
  • Luseta Beauty Keratin Smooth Conditioner
    I haven’t had the chance to use this yet as I only wash my hair once a week and I’ve been busy trialling the other shampoo and conditioner from the Glossybox. I’ll update this as and when I get round to testing it. Smells beautiful!

Doucce Lip Stain


Greenfrog Botanic Body Wash



Unbox glossybox beauty subscription box for may



What’s in the box?

  • Gelspa Just for feet – Luxury Jelly Foot Soak
    What a bloody faff this was! (But oh, so worth it!) To use this, it requires you to use a bowl big enough to get 5 litres of water and also your feet into. I do not own a bowl equipped for such a thing. This left me pondering over whether to use the kitchen sink or the mop bucket. I opted for the kitchen sink. I began to make this up in the sink (5 litres of water and a sachet of lavender and lemongrass powder) and it smelt divine. After 2 minutes, I had some sort of glorious purple smush and it was ready for the feet! I grabbed my phone for a bit of insta story hilarity, hopped up onto the kitchen side and stuck my feet in. Oh My God. I probably sat with my feet in my kitchen sink for well over 15 minutes. Once I’d had enough, there’s a second sachet to add which dissolves the gel back to water – friggin’ amazing.
  • Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo and Conditioner
    I’m actually able to let my hair dry naturally after using this and my hair ends up looking half acceptable. Not keen on the smell of it and I found I have to use quite a bit of Shampoo to create a good lather but overall, I like it.
  • Trifle Cosmetics Praline Palette
    This is the cutest little palette. I’ve not managed to test all the colours yet but the shades I have tried (my go-to browns) I’m really liking! They blend well, look beautiful and stay put all day long.
  • Kueshi Facial Make Up Remover
    This is nice. I will definitely keep using this. The size of the bottle is brilliant as well. Should last me a while
  • We Are Tea Earl Grey Supreme
    I’ve never really been able to enjoy black tea (I like milk in my tea, always), however this was absolutely delicious! I’ve not received a cuppa in a beauty box before. It was a really nice little surprise.

Gelspa Just for feet – Luxury Jelly Foot Soak


I can’t choose. Maybe the tea? Because they should have sent two teabags?



Glossybox was my preferred box this month! That Gelspa foot soak was sooooo good!

Did you get any of these boxes this month? What did you think?


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