Why We’ve Decided NOT To Have Our Wedding In Bled.

My checklist for my dream wedding went something like this; near water, secluded, small, breathtakingly beautiful, quiet, abroad.

When I came across a church on an island, in the middle of a lake, overlooked by snow-topped mountain peaks, I thought I’d found my dream wedding location.

I’d found Lake Bled whilst searching Google for ‘Weddings Abroad’ and it looked absolutely idyllic. I went ahead and got in touch with a number of wedding planners, this was happening.

Last month, Ryan and I flew out to Slovenia to meet with the wedding planner and visit the venues. It was, truly beautiful… and secluded… and small… and of course, not just near but surrounded by water.

So what what wrong with it?

We were surprised at the sheer amount of tourists, especially from Asia (incredibly, all with selfie sticks and all throwing up peace signs with their fingers – the stereotype is true). It was hard to get photos of Slovenia that didn’t contain a gaggle of tourists.

Both the island and Bled Castle are both still open to tourists whilst you’re getting married and during your reception. They just ‘fence off’ areas for you and your party… I didn’t like this at all. I don’t want to be a spectacle.

I also had it in my head that getting married abroad would be easier. HA. Just the idea of planning it all was bringing on a migraine.

Also, my dear Nan, my last remaining grandparent, wouldn’t have been able to get out to Slovenia. She definitely wouldn’t have made it up the 99 steps to the church.

Although beautiful, it’s just not for us. In fact, we’ve realised that a wedding abroad is not for us.

We’ve decided to stay right where we are and get married here in North Devon.

Due to everything that we have going on this year (our son starting school and moving house, among other things), we’ve made the decision to push the wedding back a year. This sets our wedding date for April 2020. I am so much happier about this. I feel like I can breathe again now that I have less on my plate.

And so, we begin our hunt for a wedding venue in North Devon!


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