This Month I’m… Organising Days Out & Throwing Epic Parties

It’s June?! Bloody hell, we’re already halfway through the year.

Can time slow down please? It’s now just three month’s until my biggest baby goes off to school and my littlest baby turns two. *Sob*. If I blink, I might just miss it!

I’m also super happy that June is here. The flip-flops are out and it’s been so beautifully sunny that we’ve spent more time at the park in this last week than we have in the last year.


So, as well as making the most of the time I have with both my kids before one heads off to school, this Month I’m…

… Topping up my tan sunburn.

The sun is finally here and I’m already burnt. This month will be spent slathered in my kids’ factor 50 suncream.

… Hosting a rather large 4th birthday party.

What in God’s name was I thinking? For the last 3 years, we’ve celebrated Travis’ birthday with small family get-togethers and trips away (Peppa Pig World for his 2nd and Haldon Forest Park to hunt The Gruffalo for his 3rd). I’m kind of wishing we’d done something similar for his 4th but nope, we have over 30 kids plus parents attending.

I wanted to give him a big party this time. My own mother threw a massive 4th birthday party for me and I remember it so well. Coincidentally, my own party was held in the Methodist church hall that my mother now owns (and runs her nursery from). So it seems a pretty awesome idea to throw him a massive party in the same place where I had my own.

… Visiting the farm.

The Big Sheep‘ to be exact. They have an open farm day and they’re giving away free tickets to those that have never been to a farm. And, naughty mummy (yes, me) has just realised that she’s never taken her kids to The Big Sheep… Which is literally 2 miles from our home. So I’ve organised free tickets for all four of us to go and enjoy a day of feeding the lambs, watching the sheepdog shows and a whole lot more. (Blog post to follow).

… Celebrating my little sister’s 27th birthday.

Typing ‘little sister’ and ’27th’ into the same sentence doesn’t seem right. I suddenly feel very old. Little sis is coming down from Bristol for a birthday meal with the family and we’re all looking forward to seeing her.

… Ploughing through my bookshelf.

June has seen me start ‘This Is Going To Hurt’ by Adam Kay – hilarious and highly recommended. This is my 10th book of the year (I’m doing the GoodReads Reading Challenge, and smashing my target of 15).

… Heading to the beach.

It’s just occurred to me that we’ve not yet visited Putsborough this year! This needs to change, asap. It’s our absolute favourite beach. If you’re visiting Devon this year, you must visit.


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