This Month I’m… Chilling, snapping and house hunting

I’m hoping that this month is going to be nice and relaxing in comparison to last.

June was so full-on. We did so much, it whizzed by!


This month I’m…


… Chilling the f*ck out

and focusing on self-care.

… Practising more yoga at home

Time seems to be something I’m struggling to find lately so I’ve made the decision to temporarily quit my gym membership, yoga and bodybalance classes and pull out the mat at home instead. I’m considering subscribing to Asana Rebel which is 10% of the yearly cost of my gym membership.

… Smashing my Goodreads Challenge

I’m currently reading “Sleeping in the ground” by Peter Robinson and so far, enjoying it.

… House hunting

Still. And hopefully, finally getting ours on the market too.

… Watching Love Island

It’s SO good isn’t it?! #teamjackanddanny

… Taking more photos

I seem to have found my way again with my instagram which in turn means I’m taking more photos and posting better content.

… Relying on the Tula carrier.

We’ve been having a nightmare with Delilah’s bed times. The Tula never fails and I need to start making it my first resort rather than my last.


What are you doing this month?


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